When it is your first time, home improvement projects can be stressful. You may be asking yourself “where do I start?”, “who do I use?”, or even “Is this going to break the bank?”. Well, you can stop worrying, I am here to help. This blog is about what questions you should be asking when hiring a contractor.

The first step a homeowner should do once they notice a problem in their home is research different contractors. Read their reviews, check to see if there are any pictures, or they won any awards. Once you have your options selected, the next step is to get written estimates from those contractors.

While the contractors are performing their estimate, keep the following questions in mind!

How Many Similar Projects Have You Completed/References

This allows the contractor to explain any other projects they have done in the past. This would be the best time to ask for a list of references, before/after pictures, or any testimonials that were left about them. It is up to your best judgment to determine if the contractor has enough experience with your type of issue.

Do You Carry Any Type of Insurance? If So, Which Kind? 

Many homeowners do not think to ask about the insurance the contractor carries with them. This might be one of the most important questions to ask because you can become liable for any injuries or damages. It is acceptable to ask your contractor for copies of their insurance certificates to make sure it is up to date!

The three types of insurance contractors carry are-

  • Worker’s compensation
  • Property damage coverage
  • Personal Liability

What Is Your Warranty? 

Your home is an investment and you want to keep it protected but like anything else, it will not stay perfect forever. Every warranty is different so you want to know if it is a lifetime or long-term guarantee. It is not recommended to hire a contractor that does not guarantee their work or products.

What Are Your Payment Options?

The biggest reason why homeowners delay their home improvement projects is financial concerns. If a contractor will work with your budget or requires a large deposit may be a deciding factor for you. Asking those questions can help you make a final decision so don’t be shy with asking questions, remember this is your house and not theirs!


Choosing a contractor for your home projects may seem like an overwhelming experience. Luckily, asking these important questions can help narrow down your choices and find the best contractor for your needs. These are only a few key questions you should be asking, make sure to do your research to ask specific questions for the issues in your home.

As always, The Basement Guys of Pittsburgh offers free estimates (no obligation), great financing options, and a lifetime and transferable warranty. Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate!