If your basement is currently unused or underused, consider taking advantage of the quality real estate beneath your feet to create a functional, usable space in your basement. Refinishing a basement is often easier, less expensive, and can typically be completed quicker than a full home addition. Additionally, increasing your home’s livable square footage through basement remodeling is an investment that brings great returns in today’s slumping housing market. In some areas, a basement remodeling or basement finishing project can increase the value of your home by 20% or more. If you are ready to refinish your basement, where should you begin?

  • First and foremost, the basement must be dry. A wet or even damp basement is not suitable for finishing. Even if your basement has not had moisture problems in the past it does not mean that you have the green light to begin your finishing project. Damp basements spur the growth of mold and other biological pollutants. Nothing will ruin your finished basement quicker than drywall mold. It is recommended that you contact a basement waterproofing specialist to evaluate your basement for moisture issues before you begin your refinishing project. Additionally, using materials designed for the basement environment will maximize your investment and minimize your aggravation.
  • Next, consider the intended use of the basement. Basements that are finished with a well-designed plan for a specific use or uses will typically result in a greater return on your investment. While the sky is the limit, many families turn basement space into usable and creative recreation rooms/family rooms, basement game rooms, basement playrooms, and basement home theaters.
  • Consider the quality of the finishing. Like the main living areas of your home, the quality of the finishes in your basement will have an impact on the value of your home. Whatever your budget, it is important to maximize your dollar. The materials you choose should be generally consistent with the rest of your home. Additionally, given the unique basement environment, using materials designed for the basement is essential. While there are several pre-finished basement systems on the market today, there is one that was actually designed by basement experts for the basement environment. Our basement finishing system was designed by basement experts specifically for the basement environment. It has a smooth, seamless look of drywall but provides resistance from mold, moisture, and mildew.

Are you ready to create more usable space in your home and increase its value? The easiest way to get started is by contacting a company that can help you through the whole process. Complete a free estimate online or contact The Basement Guys of Pittsburgh at (412) 567-4463 to increase your home’s value by using your basement for more than just storage.