Basement Finishing

Since your basement is underground it is an entirely different environment from the rest of your home. Mold and mildew are found often lurking in a basement.

Before you cover it up with a finishing system, we recommend having it inspected by one of our trained Basement Professionals.

The Basement Guys® want to turn your basement into a finished, healthy part of your home.

Why Basements are Different:

  • They are below grade and the soil is 50-55 degrees on the outside making your basement cooler than upstairs. Cold air and warm air create relative humidity and that can cause mold to grow without any water flooding the basement.
  • The basement walls are made of concrete which is porous. This allows moisture to migrate in and out of the basement in vapor form. This can create gallons of water in the air in vapor form that your building materials will absorb.
  • In addition, common issues in a basement that can create problems are sump pumps, floods drains and hot water tanks leaking.
  • All of those issues make it important to look at what type of material we are finishing a basement with.

The Basement Finishing System is specifically designed to suit the unique basement environment.

Features Include:

  • Waterborne/Organic panel
  • Mold, moisture and mildew resistant
  • Dense, closed cell foam insulation reduces energy consumption
  • Fire resistant, Class A Spread rating
  • Strongest system on market holds flat screens and picture frames
  • Seamless appearance that can be painted to suit your environment