Insulation Products

The Basement Guys® offer these insulation products to make ensure that your basement is protected and comfortable.

Since your basement is underground it is an entirely different environment from the rest of your home. Mold and mildew are found often lurking in a basement. Before you cover it up with a finishing system, we recommend having it inspected by one of our trained Basement Professionals. The Basement Guys® want to turn your basement into a finished, healthy part of your home.

Why Basements are Different:

  • They are below grade and the soil is 50-55 degres on the outside making your basement cooler than upstairs. Cold air and warm air create relative humidity and that can cause mold to grow without any water flooding the basement.
  • The basement walls are made of concrete which is pourous. This allows moisture to migrate in and out of the basement in a vapor form. This can create gallons of water in the air in a vapor form that your building materials will absorb.
  • In addition, common issues in a basement that can create problems are sump pumps, floods drains and hot water tanks leaking.
  • All of those issues make it important to look at what type of material we are finishing a basement with.

Features Include:

  • Pre-finished interior modular wall system that looks and feels like drywall
  • Mold, moisture and mildew resistant
  • Dense, closed cell foam insulation reduces energy consumption
  • Fire resistant, Class A Spread rating
  • Waterborne/Organic panel
  • Strongest system on market holds flat screens and picture frames
  • Patented, seamless appearance that can be painted to suit your environment
  • 100% recyclable green product
  • Professional installation in as little as two weeks

Unsealed crawl spaces can affect your entire home.

Many homes have crawl spaces that unfortunately are ignored by builders and homeowners alike. They represent the out-of-site, out-of-mind, unlivable area that is not even considered a part of your home or living environment. As we research more about health in the home, we have discovered that this is not the case. You share your living environment with your crawl space.

As heat rises throughout your home, cool air from your crawl space is sucked up into your home, similar to a chimney. Based on a typical home in the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that the air in your home is replaced almost every hour and about 50% of that “new air” comes from your crawl space. The quality of air in your home is greatly affected by the condition of your crawl space. It might be out-of-sight and out-of-mind, but it is a great part of your living environment and quality of air that you and your children breathe.

Characteristics of a typical crawl space

  • Radon gas and poor air quality
  • Bugs, spiders, rodents and termites
  • Increased heating costs through loss of heat
  • Structural damage through dry rot, mold and moisture

Tidycrawl™ provides a variety of benefits for your home and family. The Basement Guys® use a thoroughly time-tested approach to seal your crawl space and resolve all the health, foundation and air-quality issues inherent in crawl spaces. The end result is a crawl space that is not only clean and healthy, but can even be used for storage!

  • Improves indoor air quality throughout the entire home
  • Eliminates the main source for entry of radon gas into the home
  • Insulates crawl space & reduces energy consumption
  • Stops mold, mildew & moisture for a usable storage space
  • Increases resale value of home
  • Professional, one-day installation

The Basement Guys offer a Spray Foam Insulation product that can keep your basement and crawlspace warm, as well as protected against moisture, while saving on energy costs.

Features Include:

  • Green Product
  • Eliminates drafts with an air-tight seal
  • Built-In fire retardant
  • Mold Causing-Moisture will not get trapped
  • Allows wood to breathe by being open cell
  • High Density
  • R8 Insulation at our 2″ We Install It.
  • Helps to preserve wood
  • Has a seal that will stay because it is flexible unlike closed cell
  • Won’t support mold growth
  • Unlike closed cell, it will not allow wood decay
  • Spray Foam is a permanent solution that protects against heat loss
  • The most under insulated areas in the house are the rim joist and floor joist
  • Tax Credit Certified through the end of the year – $500